Care + Germ Containment

Controlling Infectious Diseases

About ALIN - Promoting a Kind and Just World

ALIN Foundation, a name coined from our bio-artificial liver invention, is unique in operating as both a charitable foundation and a for-profit entity.  ALIN receives no government or charitable assistance.

While ALIN is a world leader in breakthrough medical treatments, we have a profound interest in the general welfare of people around the world.  ALIN funds social justice programs to create a kind and just world from its medical revenues and practices affirmative action to provide equal economic opportunities to all.  

Established in 1962 by Dr. Kenneth Matsumura, ALIN Foundation is the oldest bio-tech organization in the world.  During our half century of remarkable achievements, ALIN Foundation has developed life-saving treatments for the four diseases responsible for the most deaths in the world:  Heart attack, Cancer, Diabetes, and Liver failure.  Each of these developments represents a stunning breakthrough in its field.  

The Care + Germ Containment unit has been in development for the last 5 years.  It was initiated during the Ebola epidemic in Africa to protect caregivers so they could care for the sick without fearing for their own health.